Monday, August 5, 2013

Designer Showcase: Nylon puts a Menswear Spin on Women's Footwear

Hello, Chicas!  Please forgive my being away for so long.  Ever so often, "stuff" happens to remove your focus from what you really enjoy doing. But enough of the negative.  Now for the positive. Shoes!

Fall is quickly approaching and it's about that time to do the fall fashion closet shuffle.  Of course, first and foremost for Fa'shoe'nistas everywhere is tweaking our shoe collections. What are the fall trends, what's new on the fashion footwear frontier and how quickly can I get it?

As part of the fall line up, Lori's shoes is featuring Nylon, a brand exclusive to the online shoe boutique. Nylon's stylish yet practical approach to women's footwear gives us girls a peek into the "Men's Room" by adding a touch of boyish flair to women's footwear.  Sleek wing-tipped loafers made of supple Italian Leather with added tassels are a top of the line addition to any fashionista's fall wardrobe. 

Warning:  These shoes really look like men's shoes. The only feminine touch (that I can tell) is that they're made to fit a female foot. Though I enjoy loafers and oxfords as much as the next gal, I'm not so sure if I'd rock these. 

Nylon shoes are handmade in Naples, Italy with high quality Italian leather. The design is sleek, sophisticated and there is definitely an element of "chic" when paired with a pantsuit, skirt suit, or a feminine midi or maxi dress. And given that the lines between male and female are often times blurred in the fashion industry with so many designers promoting an androgynous fashion philosophy, the fact that this new collection has a strong menswear influence won't raise any eyebrows.

Conclusion:  I like them...just not sure if I would wear them.  What do you think, Chicas?

For more, check out Lori's Shoes.


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