Sunday, March 10, 2013

Johnny Was: Bohemian Springtime

Florals, prints, and soft pastels make up the bulk of Johnny Was' Spring Collection.

Flowing maxi skirts and colorful print tunics pay homage to Bohemian chic, taking us back to a simpler time when it was still acceptable for women's fashion to be "pretty." Comfort is just as important as style in this collection with light weight fabrics that kiss the female form creating an ultra-feminine silhouette.

FA'SHOE'NISTA salutes the Bohemian Chic of designer Johnny Was.  Pretty is as pretty does. Enjoy!

Acey V-Neck Embroidered Blouse 
Neiman Marcus

Mixed Print Silk Flair Dress
Neiman Marcus

Georgette Eyelet Skirt & Talasi Print Blouse 

Neiman Marcus

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MyStyle said...

Hi there!! So lovely to hear from you I hope you are keeping well! Lovely post-the pieces here are very boho chic and gorgeous for summer, thanks for sharing! xx