Tuesday, February 19, 2013


New York Fashion Week. Another reason to love February.  Designers show their best wares on the Runways. Stylists and make up artists work their expertise on the bodies and faces of super mannequins as they strut their stuff on the Catwalk during the week.

For me, the most fun is watching the fashionistas as they arrive at the shows. From punk/grunge chic, to elegant glamor, these fashion savvy divas know how to express and impress. I suppose I find them far more interesting because I can relate to them. They represent the "everywoman" and what they share in common is their individualism.  Their unique style is inspiring and their confidence is alluring and magnetic. They're not afraid to wear what best suits them, whether it's bright colors, bold patterns, or a mixture of both.

FA'SHOE'NISTA salutes the individual style and grace of the divas of NYFW.  Très bien, no?

Tamu McPherson - All the Pretty Birds

Marian Kihogo

The beautiful Angela Bassett

All photos courtesy of Essence.com

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