Saturday, December 1, 2012

Online Discount Shoe Stores Take the Hassle out of Designer Shoe Shopping

I’ve discovered something during my stretch of being “transportationally challenged.”  Internet shoe shopping can be dangerous; especially during the holidays. No lengthy, tiresome durations of standing in mile long lines. No fighting with rude, inconsiderate customers, each reaching for the last pair of 50% off stiletto booties. No stress, no mess, no migraine meds, but I digress…

Enter online discount shoe stores.  Shopping on the internet makes my shoe craze much easier to satisfy.  Online discount “shoetiques” have become my new compulsion and I’m not picky as to location.  From local shops to shoes in Canada and from around the globe, armchair shopping takes my need for a dedicated shoe room to a whole other level.

How about you, my Loverlies?  Does the ease of the internet influence your shoe shopping budget or lack thereof?


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