Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wearable Art: The High Heeled Art Designs of Artist Mark Schwartz

"Artist Mark Schwartz builds a fashion collection featuring images of high-heeled shoes. Mark Schwartz, an internationally-collected watercolor artist who creates dramatic and colorful paintings of high-heeled shoes, is now launching a fashion collection of women's tops and handbags featuring images of his art. His High-Heeled Art collection will make it's debut at the Pool Trade Show in Las Vegas which takes place on August 20-22, 2012." (Press Release, Carolyn Edlund, PR Contact)

When I saw the work of Mark Schwartz, I new instantly that I had to talk with him about his creative endeavors. Mark Schwartz transforms every shoe maven's dream into a stunning piece of art through the use of vibrant colors and abstract forms. We have kept in touch through his emails informing me of his art sales and I am always amazed at the beauty of his technique. He has worked with the likes of Andy Warhol and was a protege of the great designer, Roger Vivier. While the paintings are abstract in nature, the viewer's eye is ultimately drawn to the shape of a sexy, strappy sandal or a pointy toed stiletto. One is engrossed in a sea of flowing lines, whimsical brush strokes and intense color saturation not often seen in watercolors.

Now the artist has taken the next step, incorporating his extraordinary works into a fashion collection of wearable art. Schwartz's collection includes functional pieces such as tote bags and tee shirts splashed with images of his high-heeled art. Women's long and short sleeved tee's, handbags, and totes make up the flagship line with future additions to include home decor and dinnerware. Schwartz will make a personal appearance at the Pool Trade Show, Las Vegas, to promote his new collection. For more information on this exciting fashion event, visit the artist's Blog, High Heeled Art.

Photo courtesy of High Heeled Art/Mark Schwartz


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