Saturday, April 28, 2012 - Delicious Divas at H & M Fashion Star Party

Hello all my Loverlees! I know I've been away for a long time and I apologize. Things have been kind of hectic and crazy and I have been extremely exhausted. Looking forward to a long needed break from the grind. Anyhoo... I positively love the Street Style emails I receive from These fashionable women from various arenas in the industry as well as entrepreneurs who know how to work an ensemble are always a great inspiration to me. So for today, I have a Street Style pic from the H&M "Fashion Star" party. A few of the judges are shown in their fabulous outfits (Nicole Ritchie looks absolutely adorable as you'll see) as well as other fashionistas from all walks of life. So take in an eye full of these Delicious Divas and swoon! Is this not the cutest?
Photo courtesy Fashion Star judge and Macy’s buyer Caprice Willard Photo courtesy
Photo courtesy of Fashion Star judge Nicole Richie Photo courtesy of