Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Samanta Joseph: Stylish shoes for the plus size FA'SHOE'NISTA

Samanta Joseph has her finger on the pulse of the real woman. She saw a need for fashionable shoes and boots in larger sizes and hence the creation and success of her company, Samanta Shoes.

Joseph says that while women who happen to have a larger foot need comfort, they don't want it at the expense of fashion and style. Joseph's shoes and boots are both fashionably current with a built in element of comfort that increases her footwear's "wear-ability." Recently featured in Essence TV's Big Black Book of Websites, Joseph talks about how her shoes fit the lifestyle of the style conscious plus size woman.

FA'SHOE'NISTA congratulates and thanks Samanta Joseph of Samanta Shoes for remembering a portion of the consumer population largely forgotten by many of today's fashion footwear designers.

Visit Samanta Shoe's blog, Shoe Talk for more info on this young designer's rise to stardom.

Dilla Boot
Photo courtesy of Samanta Shoes

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