Friday, August 5, 2011

My Alexandre Birmans

A few weeks ago, I wrote a little blurb about the Gilt Groupe collaboration with designer Alexandre Birman. Little did I know that I would receive a beautiful pair of the designer's shoes as compensation. But, lo and behold, three days later I received a Fedex package in the mail. So, today, I'm posting my lovely acquisitions for all the fashion blog-world to see. They are indeed beautiful. The color is a neutral, sort of rose, and they are soft as a baby's bottom! I know, I know, what a cliche, huh?

Not only did I receive these gorgeous kicks, but I later received a press release with a picture of Jennifer Lopez sporting a pair of the designer's shoes. How cool is that? Great company to be in, don't you think? So do I.

Okay, enough talk. Here are my beautifully lovely shoes. Enjoy and I can't wait to go somewhere special to wear them. Maybe I'll post the outfit...we'll see...

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The Seeker said...

Hi dear, just dropping to send you a kiss.
By the way what a nice new header you have, love it!!!!

Wish all is great with you, take care.