Monday, June 14, 2010


If you don't already know, I'm stepping out into a new venture. I've finally decided to fuse my loves of fashion and drawing together as a fashion illustrator. While I haven't given up my dream of illustrating children's books, I really feel it's time to nurture my first love. In doing so, I've started POSITIVELY LOVELY, a blog that will showcase my work as well as the work of other fashion illustrators that I admire.

Hope you guys will visit me over at POSITIVELY LOVELY! and join me on my journey to the vast world of fashion illustration. Love you all!



Keith said...

That sounds fantastic!

marian said...

congrats on the new blog honey, off to visit it now

Dena E's Blog said...

Sooooo EXCITING this is and soooo happy tobe involved in it with you my Sweet Friend,,,Totally PROUD of you Sis!!!
My God pour out HIS Blessings all over and on You as you trust in HIM in this new venture Girlfriend!!!!
Big Hugs and Love from Dena in Iowa
where the corn is growing, (fast BTW) and thats a Blessing in itself.
Happily we live in town more and not in a corn field ;0)
I am very anxious to see what else you create !!!

Eve said...

Great new blog!