Thursday, February 11, 2010

Legendary Designer Alexander McQueen Dies at age 40

Alexander McQueen

Legendary British Designer, Alexander McQueen was found dead today in his London home. He was 40 years young.

To say that McQueen was a brilliant designer would be the understatment of the century. Dressing the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Sara Jessica Parker, and too many more stars and fashion icons to mention in this small space, McQueen had clearly made a name for himself with style mavens and fashion critics alike.

Known for his extravagant and theatrical fashion shows, McQueen often mixed elements of design and technology to bring a futuristic twist to the runway.

Circumstances surrounding McQueen's death are still cloudy, although it has been reported that he was extremely despondent over the death of his mother on February 2nd. McQueen recently made obscene comments on his Twitter page and claimed that he'd had an "awful week" but that he would try to pull himself together and "finish."

Coming days before London Fashion Week, an event he had not attended in recent years, McQueen's death has shocked and riveted the fashion world.

McQueen trained in his early days at Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design, an institution known to encourage young, British designers and for its innovative, fashion-forward approach. He gained expertise in meticulous men's tailoring from Anderson and Sheppard and Gieves and Hawkes, two well-known Savile Row establishments. Extremely ambitious, McQueen arrived at Anderson and Sheppard at the tender age of 16.

After his training, McQueen soon developed his elaborate, theatrical trademark, and the rest, as the well known cliche' states, is history. His reputation for innovation, and at times, the bizarre, stayed with him until his death.

Alexander McQueen's success inspired many of today's young designers and his legacy of fine detail, meticulous design, and other worldly creations, is sure to live on for many generations to come.

Alexander McQueen
Lobster Claw Platform Shoe

Alexander McQueen
Spring RTW 2010


marian said...

I was so saddened by his death yesterday. I am praying for his family and friends, how awful.
His genius will be sorely missed.
Lovely tribute sweetie. Hope you are well honey

marian said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie, wishing you love, joy and glam kisses.

biotechnology said...

His death is a great loss, he vas a very creative designer.

Giovanna ♥ said...

He was a genius, he will be missed!
he left a legacy for future designers.
I love your tribute.
❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

marian said...

darling happy midweek! Hope you are having a lovely week so far. I hope your family are well
big kiss