Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspiration: Street Style Aesthetic; The Chic on the Street photography of Wayne Tippetts

Early on in my budding fashion career interests, I was an avid photographer. I thought of myself as pretty savvy when it came to seeing what others couldn't necessarily see, new fashion trends, the next new ingenue on the catwalk, and so on...

I was in college at the time, so I did have some extra minutes on my hands to wander the streets of Downtown Detroit and the neighborhoods, scouting out fashionable young ladies to shoot for my portfolio.

Fast forward to now and my new budding interest in street photography. In an effort to keep my blog current and fly enough (did I just say that?) and to convince my ever expanding readership to make return visits, I look for blogs, people, places, artists, stylists, and the like that will inspire me to follow my fashion dreams. In my research, I've found that there are essentially two kinds of inspiration, at least for me: there's the inspiration that inspires me to keep looking for inspiration, and then there's true inspiration, the kind that compels me to get up, to move, and to create.

Wayne Tippetts falls in the second category and is my new street style photography hero. His pictures have a simple elegance that don't look rehearsed or staged. Just fashionable people who are captured by his style conscious lens. Many of his photos are a window into the subject's personality without being intrusive or pushy. Two of his luscious photos of my favorite fashion muse, Marian Kihogo, are in a previous "Inspiration" post. The photo that Wayne so graciously allowed me to feature for this week's "Inspiration" is of Harpers Bazaar's Editor-at-Large, Kim Hersov.

If you haven't already discovered this talented picture man, visit his wonderful blog, Street Style Aestetic.

Re-posted with permission-Street Style Aesthetic



Giovanna ♥ said...

Thank you for sharing this my dear!!
Happy Thanksgiving :)

Marian said...

Street style photographlove his work darling,he has a great eye,hope you have a lovely thanksgiving honey!
big kiss