Thursday, May 21, 2009

Staying Power: The "Power" House of Lanvin

Pre-fall 2009

I am amazed at how many of my favorite designers are still around and going strong after decades of creative prowess. I remember, as a budding fashionista, looking through the latest issues of all the top fashion mags, drooling over the beautiful clothes and shoes of powerhouses such as Sonia Rykiel, Halston, Givenchy, and my personal favorite, Diane von Furstenburg (I loved her name almost as much as her designs).

Last week's featured Shoe of the Week prompted me to take a closer look at the House of Lanvin. I visited the website, saw a wonderful runway fashion video on and was instantly smitten by the House's timeless style, sophistication, and impeccable design.

Founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, it is the oldest French couture house and is a clear marker for the Parisian Luxury industry. It includes fashion (women's and men's pret-a-porter), accessories, and perfumes.

Jeanne Lanvin
1867 - 1946
Photo courtesy of tifdb

Rumeur Fragrance

Mirror metal and crystal cuff

Now an independent company since 2001, the owners are seeking to re-establish the early prestige of this great French fashion house. The reputation of Lanvin is known world over and includes such major world markets as the USA, Asia-Japan, Hong-Kong and Taiwan, and the Middle-East where it remains a leader in the men's products and perfumes industries.

Fall RTW 2009

Pre-fall 2009

Jeanne Lanvin understood the importance of cross-cultural creativity and infused her own creative genius by surrounding herself with artists and all manner of young talent. Today, a cache of over 300 men and women use their artistic expertise to infuse their passion for the industry and creative talent to propel the Lanvin name into the 21st century and beyond. Beauty, sophistication, and a keen eye for what appeals to today's fashionable women and men, ensures that the brainchild of Jeanne Lanvin will continue to be a major industry player. The House of Lanvin is clearly here to stay.

Crocodile mule w/metallic heel

Lizard short boot w/metallic heel

Metallic python sandal


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OH YOU MAKE ME SO SICK!!!! SICK WITH TOTAL DESIRE!!! Oh my goodness! It's a little piece of heaven. Do you think they have fashion shows in heaven?? hee hee hee! This is more than wonderful. I love the black cape coat. I need three of them.
I just love your sense of style and fashion!
I love 5 Chinese Brothers!! What a great choice! I just love your comments. They make me laugh out loud. Thanks Sister Cheryl!

Marian said...

darling this is a fantastic write up. I love the Lanvin and it seems Elbaz is doing a wonderful job with the old House.That cuff is amazing!!!!
each piece is utterly desirable.
wishing you and yours a lovely wknd dear.
muah x

Cammila said...

Wow! You know, what really blows my mind about this is that you can see how the line evolved and developed over the decades, with time and the mix of people creatively guiding it -- and yet, there's still a clear and distinct signature style specific to the label that you can see remain consistent from the very beginning. Amazing! :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I love the cut of the dark grey dress in the pic inthe middle!

And I know what you mean with loving DvF both as a name and brand - it truly isd a great name for a designer :)

Have a nice weekend!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Cheryl, Cheryl,...... I'm trying so hard not to laugh out loud right now. The kids are still sleeping but I'm screaming over here. Girl you are a hoot. I just loved your comments about Dish! God has blessed you with such humor! You know it, Maketh like a medicine! YOU ROCK GIRLY!!! have a blessed and drama free weekend.

The Seeker said...

Your post is power, darling!!!
So great, and what representative (?) pictures you picked, dear.

Love Lanvin.

Hope you're having a great long weekend


Marian said...

darling what a delish new header,congrats on it honey!
muah x

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