Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hello, my fashionable Loverlees. Hope the beginning of your weekend is deliciously stylish on this 3rd Friday in April. Is the time passing quickly, or what? Today is break day for me since I must start preparing for my return to the grind on Monday. This week off has been busy and quick, chock full of surprises, some good, some not so good.

The not so good: Pop Winans, patriarch of the first family of gospel, the Winans Family, passed away on Wednesday, April 8th. His home going services were held this past Tuesday and Wednesday, April 14th and 15th respectively. Many dignitaries and Clergy attended and it was a grand sending off. Though he had been very ill since October of last year, we were all still devastated by the news. And though we are grateful for the end of his suffering and are aware of where he is (sitting in the lap of Jesus, for he was what one would call a TRUE WORSHIPER), we simply were not ready to let go. A great gospel quartet singer, community activist, and father to his church family, Pop will truly be missed.

The good: I was able to find two very distinct pair of stilettos Wednesday night. After the home going services, I needed a pick me up, had a little extra cash, so I scrambled to the mall and was actually able to find what I wanted. I will do a "My Style" post real soon so that you can share in my good fortune.

Love you all and have a great rest of the weekend.

Ciao, Bellas!


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Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Cheryl,
I saw your post on Kimber Chin's blog. Here's wishing you good luck in winning my book Investment of the Heart.
I love your blog. Unfortunately I'm unable to wear heels anymore but sure enjoy looking so will check back to see what you've bought. Awesome stiletto art.

Cammila said...

I'm sorry about such a loss, but it's wonderful that you have such a great perspective about it. That can be really hard. :)

And I'm so glad about the shoes! Can't wait to see them. :)

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