Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are you a true ShoeAholic?, a fantastic site for the shoe-obsessed, ran a wonderful article on Celebrity ShoeAholics. It's amazing to see what a true FA'SHOE'NISTA can achieve given the resources to indulge in her passion for shoes. Here are just a few of the major offenders in the extravagant shoe collection department. Viva La Carrie Bradshaw!

Desperate Housewife, Eva Longoria is a girl after my own heart. What better way to decorate a beautiful new closet than to fill it with lots and lots of beautiful shoes! Aaahhhhh, the sweet life of the shoe obsessed fashionista!

Straight Up, now tell us many pairs are you holding? For Paula Abdul, organization is the key. According to, In Style Magazine revealed that the American Idol Diva has her shoes tagged and numbered for easy access. At a demur just over 5ft, the bulk of her collection consists of stilettos. I'm with you Paula, at just 5'4 myself, I can become fast friends with a good pair of stilettos.

It looks like MiMi wasn't the only one emancipated. Apparently, Mariah Carey freed just over 1000 pairs of shoes from their respective shops and gave them a new home in her massive closet.

The eclectic singer, Celine Dion, owns between two or three thousand pairs of shoes...maybe. An exact number is apparently out of the question when you have so many pairs that you've lost count and can only give an estimate of the number of your obsession.
According to, the singer admitted to the UK TV show, This Morning, that her favorite hobbies are golfing and shopping.

Christina Aguilera needs a ladder on wheels to reach her massive shoe collection. With a shoe "wall" that runs floor to ceiling, one can only imagine the number of shoes the pop diva has in her possession. Love the 60's Mod look, don't you? Those YSL's really set it off.

Leave it to Mega Mogul, Beyonce Knowles to hit the town sporting these urber expensive Balenciagas that go for a staggering $4175.00! reported that Beyonce is a self-proclaimed shoeaholic who proudly admits her addiction and her inablity to resist a pair of stilettos whenever she passes a shoe store. The singer also lives a FA'SHOE'NISTA's dream of receiving free shoes as a result of modeling shoots! What more can one say? Sasha Rules!


Photo: cited a report in VipGlamour that the actress revealed to British Elle that she was worse than Imelda Marcos, owning an incredible 5000, that's right, 5000 pairs of shoes! Not only do stilettos help Lindsay Lohan pull together her look, they also give her emotional support. The actress admits that stilettos help her not to be depressed. How deep of a dent does such a massive shoe collection put in one's pocketbook? Lohan's shoe collection is estimated at an astronomical $1,500,000.00! Still believe that money can't buy happiness? Maybe you're shopping in the wrong place.

FA'SHOE'NISTA! thanks for an insightful article on the world's greatest obsession for women. Want more great shoe news on the latest designer shoe fashions? Be sure to check out for your next footwear fix.


Shell said...

Wow! Look at all those shoes. Mariah's gorgeous room for her shoes is what I want in a closet. Beautiful!!

Marian said...

Shoes fabulous shoes,can a girl ever have too many ;o)
hehehe I adore shoes and think they make or break an outfit!
Love the peek into the celeb shoe closets.
muah x

WendyB said...

Love Xtina's purple shoes. Wish I was as organized as these ladies!

Leigh said...

Heaven... I cannot imagine.


Leigh said...

Thank you so much Cheryl!! :) I do hope you get into it more I would love to see your work !!


Nina (femme rationale) said...

mariah carey's closet will always be my fave. it's just so gorgeous in there.

Leigh said...

You are wonderful!! Thank you Cheryl :))

I hope you are having a great weekend too


Marian said...

hope your well sweetie.Just wishing you a great week ahead.

Milt-fresh_best-dressed said...

I love your blog. keep up the good work. When you get a chance check mine out.

Anonymous said...

I am just loving this article.....I am just a beginner in my shoe count collection compared to these women but to the everyday woman/amongst my peers, I am out of the ordinary, owning at least 600 pairs. I don't think a woman can ever have too many pairs of shoes myself, even if (according to those that just don't understand others with shoe festishes)I may not get to wear them all. I hope to one day get to that 1,000th pair :-)