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Designer Showcase: The Prince of Luxe, African-American Shoe Designer Etu Evans

Shoe Designer, Etu Evans
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African-American shoe designer, Etu Evans, is being hailed as the "Prince of Luxe Footwear." With celebrity clientele such as Halle Berry, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Sharon Stone, and Erica Badu, it's no wonder his star in on the rise.

An accomplished philanthropist and entrepreneur, Evans is the founder of the Solesville Foundation (1998)a non-profit organization that teaches families and individuals how to better themselves and their lives, and provides shoes and various types of aid to those less fortunate.

Born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Evans graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design with a degree in shoe design. But his extensive academic achievements don't end there. He has a BA in Social Work from South Carolina State University, a Masters of Science in applied behavioral science from Columbia University, and is also a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in footwear and accessories design. A magnificent list of accomplishments for a young man who during his early years was labeled as learning disabled.

The spirit of the Entrepreneur took hold of the premier shoe designer at an early age. Fueled by the support and inspiration of his mother Rosa, also an educator, Evans learned the importance of earning his keep by starting his own flower arranging business at the tender age of six. From there, at age 13, he found considerable success as an interior designer. The designer has plenty of experience to share and does so by visiting various schools around his base of operations, Harlem, New York, inspiring young people to take the initiative for their own success, and helping teachers to bring out the creativity of their students to help them to face life's most difficult challenges.

I must admit and am somewhat ashamed to say that I really had not heard of this eclectic young designer until recently. Obviously, I was extremely impressed with his many accomplishments, both inside and outside of the fashion realm.

So for Black History Month, FA'SHOE'NISTA! is proud to feature in this edition of Designer Showcase, Etu Evans, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and shoe designer extraordinaire. Enjoy, my Loverlees.

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