Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dark Horse Revisited: The High Fashion Shoe Designs of Denmark's Camilla Skovgaard

Camilla Skovgaard is a shoe diva’s dream come true. My first encounter with this amazing designer caused me to salivate with lustful glee. My inner glam rocker chick quickly awakened, and I thought, why don’t I own these? No, I’m not just talking about one pair, I want to own ALL of them. In my designer shoe book, Ms. Skovgaard can do no wrong. The woman is amazing and her designs bring to mind phrases such as 'urban edge' and 'glamour punk chic.'

When I contacted the designer through her MySpace page, Camilla was gracious enough to answer me (rather quickly, I might add) and to grant me use of the beautiful pictures of her luscious and delectable shoe collection. I could not believe that a designer of such magnitude (and from Denmark, no less!) would acknowledge little ole’ me. I eventually came to myself, however, picked my chin up off the floor, and commenced to putting pen to paper (or keyboard to screen, as the case may be). I immediately felt it my duty to remind those of you who already knew her and to share with those of you who didn’t, one of the 21st century’s most talented shoe designers.

From the short, woven and rainbow heeled booties, to basket weave golden stilettos, there’s no way you can wear her shoes and not have somebody try to knock you down and take them (more than likely, this would be me). Particularly stunning is the open sandal with the shock of black hair covering the front, a nod to the “dark horse” in us all, says Camilla. An air of mystery and intrigue encompasses every design and is sure to release the passion of your hidden femme fatale. Viva La Film Noir!

In case you’re wondering if she’s all style and no substance, this ├╝ber designer is no slouch when it comes to training and experience. In a very short time, Camilla went to Paris to study Couture in her teens and traveled to the other side of the world (the Arabian Peninsula of Dubai) as designer to the Gulf Sheikh’s wives and daughters at the tender age of 20. She has worked with such notables as Emilio Pucci and the British Fashion House, Matthew Williams. Yet, while her resume is no doubt impressive, the bottom line is simply this: the shoes are flat out, straight up gorgeous.

So once again, FA'SHOE'NISTA! celebrates the "Elegant Cool" styles of Camilla Skovgaard. Salivate and enjoy, my Loverlees!

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Shell said...

Those are some serious shoes. I adore them, so I could never walk in them.

The Fashion Pinko said...

I find the fur shoes strangely appealing.