Saturday, November 15, 2008


Good Saturday Morning, my Loverlies.

Hope everyone's having a great start to their weekend. It's raining here in the Metro Detroit area and we're expecting the rain to turn to snow by Sunday. Oh, well...

On to the good stuff and the reason why I'm here.

The eclectic designer, Jimmy Choo, has tripped my handbag radar with these amazing designs that can only be described as WHOA, MOMMA!

The Malaysia born Jimmy Choo (birth name Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat) is the offspring of a shoemaker family. He made his first pair of shoes at the tender age of 11 and went on to become one of the fashion worlds most notable designers, able to boast Diana, Princess of Wales, as one of his admirers and patrons. International notoriety soon followed and in 1996, Choo collaborated with and co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd with then accessories editor of British Vogue, Tamara Mellon. Choo ended up selling his 50% ownership of the business in 2001 for 10 million pounds.

The creative eye of Jimmy Choo Ltd. is Sandra Choi.

Choi came on board in 1991 as an intern for Jimmy Choo, in his couture workshop located in London's East End, while studying a St. Martins School of Art. Choi quickly recognized a once in a lifetime opportunity, abandoned her college career degree, and eventually devoted all of her energies to the business of shoes. As overseer of the workshop, Choi soon mastered the all aspects of shoe making from start to finish--design, pattern cutting, and masterfully fitting a shoe.

Choi's expertise does not stop at shoes. As Jimmy Choo's Creative Director, she has also well proven herself as an accessories designer extraordinaire. The handbag collection is solid proof that Sandra Choi will have Jimmy Choo Ltd. on the style map of fashionistas everywhere for eons to come.

Jimmy Choo
Liquid Patent and Suede Tote
Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo
Lola Satchel
Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo
Riki Ring Bag
Neiman Marcus

Jimmy Choo
Saba Bracelet Hobo
Neiman Marcus


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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-hope you are well!! loving this 1st Jimmy Choo tote, gorgeous indeed!