Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shades of Bette Davis

All About Eve is my favorite vintage movie of all time. Of course the reason for this is the beautiful clothes and the magnificent woman who wore them, the indomitable Bette Davis.

When this film came out, La Davis was approximately 40 years of age. The fact that this film was about an aging actress (which she was) dating a younger man and trying to deal the with her own deep seated insecurities made her performance all the more memorable.

Insecurities or not, Bette Davis, aka Margo Channing, looked absolutely fabulous in every sense of the word.

This Prada slingback is reminiscent of those days of true Hollywood glamour and style. As I dream of a more glamorous tinsletown in vintage years long past, I see these shoes through the eyes of Miss Channing.

All about Eve? I think not. Any woman with an inkling of style in her little pinky finger knows. It was clearly all about Margo.

Patent Platform Slingback
Neiman Marcus

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Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-hope you are well my dear!! The pradas are soo gorgeous!

WendyB said...

Great movie and great shoe!

Cammila said...

Yes, I concur, VERY golden age Hollywood, but with an edge! This reminds me, do you think slingbacks are a no-no in winter? I have some pairs that I really don't want to retire for the season, but I'm afraid they'll look funny with my sweaters!