Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Winding Down

Good Tuesday Morning my Loverlees. Hope everyone had a great weekend. My day was spent yesterday running errands up and down the road.

Getting that caught "in between" feeling, trying to hold on to the summer freedom while anticipating the entrace of the new Fall season. Back to school, back to work (next monday for me to be exact) and having to devise an outfit per day. Oh the dilemmas of the divas... new hair (long, short or in the mid), new trench, new boots (or booties), to Ugg or not to Ugg (Why is that a question), new bag, new hat, must have shirts, skirts, tights and all those components that make for a great mix and match season. The new little black dress is gray and/or brown with wide cinch-waist belts, elbow high gloves, and flamboyantly collared over-coats.
How to keep our pretty fashion heads from exploding with all these trends to sift through! Let's be honest, truth be told, we're loving every minute of our quandary.

Open the gates and let the shopping begin!

Bottega Veneta RTW
Gray Dress

Christian Dior
Cinch waist Coat

Dolce & Gabbana
Belted Trench-Wool Cami Dress
Neiman Marcus

Dior Deco Bootie
Neiman Marcus

Jean Paul Gaultier
Brown Coat

Michael Kors
Chalet Boot
Neiman Marcus

Stella McCartney
Exaggerated Collar Coat and slouch pants
Neiman Marcus


Chelsea Rae said...

Ahhh! Thinking about all the new trends is going to drive me crazy, so I think I'm just going to go with what feels right. Maybe I'll hit the mark, maybe I won't...

Lady Melbourne said...

Planning and purchasing my fall/winter wardrobe gave me so much pleasure. I'm sure with your impeccable taste the clothes and boots would be to die for Cheryl Lynn!

Sharon Rose said...

I could easily channel this last look-its fabulous and so inspirational!!