Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pretty is as Pretty Does

Hope my Loverlees are having a great weekend.
As many of you have noticed, pretty is making a comeback in the world of fashion. Even those designers who lay claim to the avante-garde (most notably the king of noir himself, Jean Paul Gaultier) are adding body defining silhouettes, splashes of color and other accents that lean towards more glam and less goth.

The designs of Prada and Valentino have always been on the pretty side of cutting edge fashion. The clothing is feminine, beautifully constructed, but never boring. The same goes for their shoes and accessories.

The items below, bag by Prada, boots by Valentino, prove my point exquisitely.

Take a breath, my dears...

Prada Napa Tote
Neiman Marcus

Laser Cut Ankle Boot
Neiman Marcus


Sharon Rose said...

These boots are absolutely fabulous!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

sharon rose: I totally agree. They are amazing!

Danz said...

Hey darling Cheryl, how are you?

I really love black lace! It's feminine but edgy at the same time. Both the boots and the bag are gorgeous!

Have a great day! Lots of love :)