Friday, August 8, 2008

A Weekend Word

It's Friday, my Lover-lees and I hope everyone has something they enjoy on the burner.

Well, this summer seems to have gone by at the speed of light and we are already on the heels of Fall. Yaaaaay! I love Fall; the air is crisp, the hummidity of summer dissipates, and the greenery changes to the warmth of potpourri. Its a time for cool jackets, light coats, hot shoe boots, feminine, frilly blouses, and hairstyles that don't sweat out from breathing too hard. Black, gray, and brown, the seasons essential fashion basics, can be made fresh with the addition of eye-popping reds, oranges, yellows, and ambers, the hues of a changing season.

The pieces below qualify as this falls must have additions to our closets. Let these items inspire you to make your own style, to develop your own brand of "cool" (within your price range, of course). Hope you're as excited as I am to hit the ground running toward a fashionable fall season!

Enjoy, my Bellas!

Bottega Veneta
Photo courtesy of

Bottega Veneta
Photo courtesy of

Belted Leather Boot
Neiman Marcus

Nancy Gonzalez
Shiney Crocodile Large Foldover Clutch

Yves Saint Laurent
Tribute Canvas Leopard Pump
Neiman Marcus

Christian Dior
Platform Pump
Neiman Marcus

My own creation
SACX One of a Kind
Large Angular Handbag


Sharon Rose said...

The Bottega Veneta bag is utterly divine!! have a great weekend!

Imelda Matt said...

and with the end of your summer heralds the beginning of our summer...:)

Cammila said...

Oh yes, there was a coolness in the morning the other day that felt just magical! It makes me want to go buy notebooks and pencils, even though I haven't had a class to go to for four years! Maybe I'll pick up a little collection of school supplies just for fun though. Along with some gorgeous perfect-brown shoes or bags -- SO autumn!

Anonymous said...


Danz said...

Those first two bags are amazing! Your bag looks great as well, that's such a beautiful colour!

Nay'Chelle said...

That Bottega Venetta bag is gorgeous.

Lady Melbourne said...

I'm gasping Cheryl- LOOK AT THOSE
Yves Saint Laurent!!!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Sharon Rose: Those Bottega Veneta Bags are fabulous indeed! Hope your weekend was the same.

Imelda Matt: I hope your summer is very enjoyable. I look forward to your summer finds.

Cammila: I did buy some Card Stock and book rings to put together a script I have. I guess that counts as school supplies a little...:) But I do need a fabulous brown bag to carry my projects in!

Danz: Yes I've fallen in love with Bottega. Thanks for the comment on my bag, I hope to be making a lot more of them as the season progresses.

Nay'chelle: The absolute best.

Lady Melbourne: The YSL's took my breath away. So, so beautiful.