Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In a 60's kind of Mood

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm stuck in the 60's, at least for the time being. It didn't help much that my favorite James Bond film, Goldfinger, was on today. So now, I'm on the internet, enamored by all things 60's. The style was eclectic, daring and colorful. Fashion was fun, cosmopolitan and unpredictable. We had the British invasion, mini skirts, micro-minis, maxies and everything in between.

We had Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in "Charade" (1963), TV spies, the Saint, the Man from Uncle, Connie West, and my personal favorite, The Avengers. John Steed and Emma Peel were king and queen of the Tellie. In 1964 Petula Clark spent all her time "Downtown," and James Bond for the ages was Sean Connery. Best instrumental spy theme was Peter Gun by Henry Mancini, and best spy theme ever was Goldfinger by the real subject of this entry, the great and glamorous Shirley Bassey.

Shirley Bassey circa 1960's
photo courtesy of Miss Bassey

I know this is a blog about shoes and accessories, but it's also a blog about style and this woman has more than enough to spare. With over 5 decades in the entertainment industry, the Welsh born singer is still beautiful and as strong a performer as she was when I first heard her sing her signature song, 1964's "Goldfinger." Her healthy vocals earned her the name "Bassey the Belter."

photo courtesy of Miss Bassey

Born January 1937 in Tiger Bay, Cardiff Wales, Dame Shirley Bassey was the youngest sibling of seven children. When she was 3 years of age, her parents, a Nigerian sailor and an English woman divorced, but strived to keep the family connected.

After finishing school, Bassey worked in a local factory and sang in after-hours mens clubs to earn extra money. She was soon discovered by comedian Al Read and placed in his revue, "Such is Life." The result was a recording contract with Philips Records. Several number 1 hits followed, and in 1962 Bassey partnered with arranger Nelson Riddle, which put her on the radar in America. The early 1960's brought top billing in New York and Las Vegas, and in 1965 Goldfinger reached number eight on the American charts. (

At 71 years old, Dame Shirley Bassey's voice is as tantalizing and sultry as ever. No matter how many times I hear her sing "Goldfingaaaah," it gets better with each rendition. She is the embodiment of 60's cool: sexy, stylish, incredibly beautiful, and a true fashionista. I hope you'll join me in celebrating this extraordinary 1960's icon.

Shirley Bassey
Spring/Summer London Fashion Week


Sharon Rose said...

An absolutely fabulous post Cheryl Lynn-you've showcased Miss Bassey perfectly!! She looks gorgeous for her age and what a career she's had too! A stunning style diva indeed!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Sharon Rose: Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I wasn't sure how this post was going to go over, so I just wrote how I felt about her. She is magnificent indeed.

Have a wonderful day.

Shell said...

Wonderful post about Shirley Bassey. She is still beautiful. I hope I look that good at 71!! I feel your blog is about style so you can surely add your favorite style icons as well. BTW, I loved The Saint as well. Roger Moore was so gorgeous in it.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Shell: Yes he was, the Saint was absolutely one of my favorites. Shirley Bassey is just amazing to me and her voice has lost nothing in all these years. A great talent and a great lady!

thanks for dropping by, Shell.
Love ya!

Cammila said...

Oh goodness,lady after my own heart! There's something about 60s glam that seems so self possessed and smart. And the hair! Makes me want a big giant mane to tease up into a gorgeous bouffant!

Cheryl Lynn said...

So true, my lovely Cammila, so true.

Imelda Matt said...

I HEART Dame Shirley...naturally!xx