Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smooth Like Butta'

Soft, supple leather has always been a love of mine. So when I ran across these succulent looking bags by Prada I just had to share my findings.

Enjoy my Lover-lees.

Beige Nappa Ruffled Clutch
Neiman Marcus

I love the asymmetrical ruffles.

Black Nappa Leather Tote
Neiman Marcus


Francis Girard said...

ruffled leather - now there's a nice aesthetic. xfrancis

Cheryl Lynn said...

Yes it is, Francis. Beautiful and feminine.

Lady Melbourne said...

Beautiful choices Cheryl Lynn, I would love something from this line. I hope to pick something up overseas later in the year, the shoes particularly are to die for!

Sharon Rose said...

This black one is soo gorgeous!! have a wonderful weekend, Cheryl Lynn!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Lady Melbourne: Thank you LM and yes, the shoes are absolutely to die for. Can't wait to see your purchase. You have such exquisite taste.


Sharon Rose: That black is stunning, isn't it? You have a wonderful weekend as well.

Love ya.

Cammila said...

Something about ruffles in leather just seems incredibly pretty and posh. That first bag is positively tugging at my heart strings!

Laurel said...

That color on the Nappa Ruffled Clutch is to die for! Oh my god - talk about butta'

How are my lovely loverlee! I hope all is well with you, my dear. It's got to be crazy hot there in MI, I know for sure that Nevada is getting to the August highs of 95-101. You guys probably have a bit of humidity, too? Oh my, bb! Keep cool over there!!

I love you, babe!


Cheryl Lynn said...

Cammila: I love the tan one too. It just seems so soft and creamy.

Have a great day.

Laurel: Hello my lovely Laurel. The color is so rich it just makes you want to touch it (pay for it and put it in your closet and well, you know...)

I'm going to do my best to stay cool. Sad to say, in this weather I don't get out much. But I do walk and try to keep as active as I can.

Love to you my Beautiful Bella.