Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Photo courtesy of Dressed Up Like a Lady

In honor of the resurgence of 60's mod, I decided to do a little research into this retro phenomenon.

Webster's dictionary defines mod as 1) very modern in style, dress, etc.; 2)of or pertaining to a style of dress of the 1960's, typified by miniskirts, bell-bottom trousers, and boots; 3)a person who is very modern in style, dress, etc.

Today, I want to concentrate on definition #3.

The pervasive philosophy goes something like this: "The clothes make the man." I've always had a problem with this statement because when I see clothing off of the human body, I think of the body that would look good in said outfit.

Clothing without someone wearing it is lifeless. It hangs on the rack, waiting to be infused by a vibrant personality, whether it be a professional corporate mogul, a colorful artist, a brilliant writer of the fashion persuasion (hint, hint), or even the waif like form of a 60's British fashion import.

So, for my shoe maven of the week, I decided to feature another member of the fashion blog-o-sphere, Cammila, from Dressed up like a Lady. What a befitting title for a blog that features the personal style of this millenium's representative of the "new mod." Think of 60's icon Twiggy, only with much better curves, a Marilyn Monroe sensibility, and what you have is a real woman with real style who looks real good.

The above photo is proof positive that Cammila is one Hot Mod Momma.

For more feasting, visit Dressed Up Like a Lady.

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Danz said...

This is a really informative and enjoyable post Cheryl! You definitely are a talented writer! Cammila is an excellent choice for Shoe Maven of the Week, she's so effortlessly cool and stylish!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thanks Danz. I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be you.

Sharon Rose said...

I love this top she's wearing-a great post, Cheryl Lynn!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thank you so much, Sharon Rose. I so much appreciate the love.

Cammila said...

Oh my word, you should see me blushing! You are so sweet and awesome. I'm so honored to be profiled by such a stylish, articulate woman!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Cammila: It was so easy. You are such an inspiration. It was certainly my pleasure!