Monday, July 28, 2008

More than a Fashion Statement

My thanks to the lovely and beautiful Laurel of It's Her Factory for reminding me of one of this falls most interesting collections, Rodarte Fall 2008 RTW. To say that the designer sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have a unique fashion vision would be the worlds greatest understatement.

The collection is all about texture; it really gets my artist juices flowing. From intricately woven, partially unravelled knits to layers upon layers of soft ribbon-like fabrics and pops of satin color used to trim sheer fabric tops. Vibrant shots of red look like blood cells interspersed through form fitting black knit dresses. Runways feature pale-skinned models with deep berry lip color and hair with blunt bangs (or no bangs) coupled with numerous tightly pulled buns that give off an air of gothic chic. Even the pretty dresses with the wisps of gold, copper, pink, and powder blue layers are given an edginess with hosiery that resembles fishnets on steroids.

And the shoes...

What can I say about the shoes? Since I have yet to pick my bottom lip up off the floor, not much, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Marvel and enjoy, my Lover-lees.

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ow, ow, ow...


Chelsea Rae said...

These are my favorite shoes ever, and that's saying a whole lot! Every time I see them in a magazine I point them out to whoever is near me.

Sharon Rose said...

The 2nd pair are really nice!! Have a lovely day, Cheryl Lynn!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Chelsea Rae: It really is saying a whole lot. I am enamored with these shoes. They are the epitome of avante garde (does anyone use this term anymore, or am I dating myself, yet again?)

Sharon: The second ones are a beautiful color. I like those too.

You have a great evening.

Bombchell said...

those are so hot! in a gothic, halloween, cartoon , unreal way.

but i love them (mostly the first, then the 3rd) lol looks like it could hurt somebody.

Cheryl Lynn said...

What wonderful discriptive language you use. I totally agree, bombchell.

Thanks for visiting.