Saturday, July 26, 2008

Couture: The Art of Design

For the first time ever, I'm paying attention to the shoes that are paired with this fall's couture collections. Usually, I'm a RTW person since so much of couture is a little hard for me to understand. But this year, I've noticed that many of my favorite designers have toned down the traditionally outrageous designs that make up the fashion art form. I agree that couture shouldn't be too tamed, for that would defeat the purpose of showcasing the designers at their most uber creative. Still, I am impressed with the sleek chic of designers such as Givenchy and Armani. Even the classic craziness of Jean Paul Gaultier seems a little less confusing.

One of my favorite designers of all time is Christian Dior. The house of Dior has been fortunate throughout the many decades of its existence to have each successor incorporate his own expertise without destroying the integrity of its original visionary. So when I saw the beautifully crafted shoes for this falls couture line, I was very pleased indeed. As far as I'm concerned, these designs are breathtaking to say the least. Don't you agree, Mon Cheris?

Christian Dior
Fall 2008 Couture
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Sharon Rose said...

very couturish and artistic-love the 3rd pair!!

Laurel said...

Beeeaaauti-ful Miss C, how the hell are you? I've missed you, is all well with your server issues? I hope so.

I love, love, loved Dior HC this season. So bright and shiny, don't you think? Even though it wasn't HC, didn't you ADORE the Rodarte/CL spiked heels? TOTAL art forms - seriously. So gorgeous.

I miss you and love you tons, I hope you're well!


Cammila said...

I have to concur, these shoes are like works of high art. You can see the feminine beauty, but you can also see catwalk type drama. Gorgeous!

Psyche said...

Breathtaking indeed. I especially love the last one.