Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smooth Like Butta'

Soft, supple leather has always been a love of mine. So when I ran across these succulent looking bags by Prada I just had to share my findings.

Enjoy my Lover-lees.

Beige Nappa Ruffled Clutch
Neiman Marcus

I love the asymmetrical ruffles.

Black Nappa Leather Tote
Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tripple Threat

I love this shoe. I think it would look great with just about any outfit, though I would favor a dress or skirt suit to show off this intriguing tri-bow beauty.

Bows have played a big part in footwear for the spring, summer and now the fall. They join the ranks of favorite embellishment along with buckles and multi-strap designs that are doning the feet of shoe mavens on and off the runways.

So my lover-lees, I hope you enjoy this fearless feast for the eyes by Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs
Tripple Bow Bootie
Neiman Marcus

Monday, July 28, 2008

This week's Wish List

If I had known a cowboy boot could look this good, I would certainly reconsider my stance on no cowboy boots, EVER!

Manolo Blahnik's Fall boot collection includes this stunning rendition of the cowboy boot. With a beautifully clean line, and distressed leather simulated patchwork design, this Shoe Maven is seriously salivating over this one!

Manolo Blahnik
Cowboy Boot
Neiman Marcus

More than a Fashion Statement

My thanks to the lovely and beautiful Laurel of It's Her Factory for reminding me of one of this falls most interesting collections, Rodarte Fall 2008 RTW. To say that the designer sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have a unique fashion vision would be the worlds greatest understatement.

The collection is all about texture; it really gets my artist juices flowing. From intricately woven, partially unravelled knits to layers upon layers of soft ribbon-like fabrics and pops of satin color used to trim sheer fabric tops. Vibrant shots of red look like blood cells interspersed through form fitting black knit dresses. Runways feature pale-skinned models with deep berry lip color and hair with blunt bangs (or no bangs) coupled with numerous tightly pulled buns that give off an air of gothic chic. Even the pretty dresses with the wisps of gold, copper, pink, and powder blue layers are given an edginess with hosiery that resembles fishnets on steroids.

And the shoes...

What can I say about the shoes? Since I have yet to pick my bottom lip up off the floor, not much, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Marvel and enjoy, my Lover-lees.

All photos courtesy of

ow, ow, ow...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Couture: The Art of Design

For the first time ever, I'm paying attention to the shoes that are paired with this fall's couture collections. Usually, I'm a RTW person since so much of couture is a little hard for me to understand. But this year, I've noticed that many of my favorite designers have toned down the traditionally outrageous designs that make up the fashion art form. I agree that couture shouldn't be too tamed, for that would defeat the purpose of showcasing the designers at their most uber creative. Still, I am impressed with the sleek chic of designers such as Givenchy and Armani. Even the classic craziness of Jean Paul Gaultier seems a little less confusing.

One of my favorite designers of all time is Christian Dior. The house of Dior has been fortunate throughout the many decades of its existence to have each successor incorporate his own expertise without destroying the integrity of its original visionary. So when I saw the beautifully crafted shoes for this falls couture line, I was very pleased indeed. As far as I'm concerned, these designs are breathtaking to say the least. Don't you agree, Mon Cheris?

Christian Dior
Fall 2008 Couture
All Photos courtesy of

Friday, July 25, 2008

Innovation at it's best

"Bow" Mixed Media Assemblage
Original artwork by me.

Hello everyone. It's the weekend and I hope you all are enjoying it. I must apologize for being away, my system was down for about a day and a half. Anyone who has blogged for any length of time knows how difficult it can be to stay current and interesting. Much of our time is spent researching the web for the newest look from the newest kids on the block or for the current creations from those whose careers we've been following for decades. And life, if you live it that is, has a way of getting in the way of our more creative endeavors.

For any artist, writer, or designer, the key to keeping the masses, or just your circle of admirers, coming back for more is innovation. That's what I look for most. Whether it spawns a concept that I've never seen or heard of before, or a new twist on an old idea, innovation pushes the creator to the next level of creativity. The innovator never stops looking for ways to surprise, shock, or make one think. He or she is a visionary, someone who can see far beyond his or her immediate environment; a risk taker who is willing to bust out of tradition, or to try and improve on what we've been taught in the past.

For me, the following designers represent innovation at it's best and I am happy to share these inspiring creations with you.


Beaded spy bag
Neiman Marcus

Carlos Falchi
Large Waxed Python Satchel
Neiman Marcus

Christian Louboutin
Button web strappy sandal
Neiman Marcus

Hairhide fringe raguette
Neiman Marcus

I love, love, love Kate Spade!

Kate Spade
Georgia Croc embossed pump
Neiman Marcus

Taryn Rose
Nappa Bootie
Neiman Marcus

Babouska Shoulder Bag Large
Neiman Marcus

Monday, July 21, 2008


Along with the resurgence of the T-Strap, the criss cross element is the next style with a sophisticated and "slendorizing" effect. Whether thin or wide, because the meeting point of the straps is in the middle of the instep, the focus is set on the narrowest part of the foot. I've noticed the trend not only in open-air sandals but in the fall designs as well, shoes and booties alike.

These are my favorite picks.

Miu Miu is no slouch when it comes to
beautifully constructed criss-cross booties.

Miu Miu
Criss Cross Bootie
Neiman Marcus

Miu Miu
Criss-cross Strappy Bootie
Neiman Marcus

Miu Miu
Buckled Bootie
Neiman Marcus

A criss-cross gladiator.

Claudia Ciuti
Studded Gladiator Sandal
Neiman Marcus

A very beautiful and elegant sandal
by the queen of simple elegance,
Diane Von Furstenberg

DV Furstenberg
Rita Sandal
Neiman Marcus

What's in a name? Plenty if it's
this chic, lightly embellished slide.

Margo High Heel Slide
Neiman Marcus

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rack Room Shoes Supports Needy Children

A while ago, in one of the many tags that circulate the fashion blog-o-sphere, a question appeared as to what charity would I support if I came into a lot of money. My answer was any children's charity.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure when I received this press release regarding Rack Room Shoes' efforts to supply shoes for needy children. I immediately contacted the parties that be to see if I could reprint the Press Release on my blog for my Fashionable and Socially concious Lover-lees to see. This is a wonderful cause and I look forward to participating in any way that I can, which includes spreading the word to all of you.

Much love to you all.



Los Angeles, CA-July 14, 2008- With 18.5 % of all children in the United States living below the federal poverty level, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, many families have to choose between food and clothing. Seeing the tremendous need facing the nation, Rack Room Shoes, one of the largest shoe companies in the country, has now joined with Shoes That Fit to provide shoes for thousands of underprivileged children through a special fundraising effort that not only has social significance, but it's also making a fashion statement.

The partnership between Rack Room Shoes and Shoes That Fit allows for the opportunity to raise funds to provide new shoes for thousands of kids who could not otherwise afford them. The result is that these children are provided with the ability to go to school with dignity and in comfort allowing them to concentrate on their studies, and not on their circumstances.

The fundraising effort is making a social statement, but it's also turning into a fashion-setting trend. All of the 378 Rack Room Shoes stores are offering a unique and very popular fashion accessory called "Finders Keepers" Key Purse. This custom-designed key holder is really jewelry that conveniently attaches to a purse or onto belts or pants pockets to keep individuals' keys handy at all times. The Finders Key Purse free with a $5 donation. And, when you make a $5 donation for the keyfinder you will receive a coupon for $10 off your next purchase of $60 or more; 100% of the proceeds are used for the Shoes That Fit program to provide the shoes for the needy children.

Shoes That Fit, founded in 1992, is headquartered in Claremont, CA. Volunteer programs are run in hundreds of schools across the country.

Rack Room Shoes, based in Charlotte , NC , is a member of the Deichmann Shoe Group headquartered in Germany , which is the largest privately owned shoe retailer in the world. Rack Room Shoes operates more than 378 stores in 26 states, Rack Room carries a broad assortment of brand name and private label shoes for men, women, and children. Visit the company's website at for more information, store locations, and current special promotions.
Have a lovely day!


Two of the lovely ladies of the fashion blog-o-sphere have tagged me with the magnanimus Premio Award. My lover-lees, Sharon Rose, of the wonderful Vintage, Fashion, & Me and the epitome of elegance herself, Lady Melbourne have both counted my little fashion corner worthy of this honor.

To this, I say, thanks so, so, so, very much.

Problem? Everyone that I want to tag has been tagged already. But I decided to list my favorites anyway, because these bloggers have been such an inspiration to me as a fledgling fashion writer, including the two lovelies that tagged me. Since I've been blogging, I've discovered a wonderful community of very talented and fashionable young ladies, and gentlemen (thanks Imelda Matt and the Sartorialist), for whom I have great respect.

My favorites, many who've already received and deservedly so are:

The urber elegant Lady Melbourne
The fashion herstorian, Danz, of Fatal Attraction 2 Fashion
The Lovely Laurel of It's Her Factory
The newsworthy Imelda
The Magnificently Mod Cammila of Dressed up like a Lady
The Extremely Cute Francis Girard of Mud on My Teadress
The Bargainess, Psyche, of Economy of Style

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's a Colorful Life...Part Deux

Original collage by Me

Hello, my Beautiful Bellas! Here's the second in a series of posts on color. I think these bright babies would wet any girl's appetite for high fashion hues. Oh to carry those fashionable necessities around in these lovely handbags...

Kooba Nelli
Leather Hobo
Neiman Marcus

Botkier bags are so innovative. The colors are
so very rich and eye-opening. I may have to look a little deeper
into this line...

Lita Clutch

Sasha Mini Leather Duffle Bag
Neiman Marcus

Deliciously luscious, don't you think?

Marc Jacobs
Stam Patchwork Bag Cherry Tart
Neiman Marcus

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mine, all Mine

Hello, my Lover-lees. Hope you glamorous gals are having a wonderful day.

Since I spend most of my time looking for the perfect outlet to acquire my favorite obsession I am pleased and happy to share a wonderful online shoe store, Solestruck.

I have just acquired a beautiful pair of Guess by Marciano peep-toe pumps. Solestruck carries the latest in well-known designer (some are high-end) shoes for what I consider reasonable prices for the brand names they feature. The shoes came pretty quickly, in about a week, another plus.

Solestruck offers various heel heights, flat, medium, and my personal favorite, torture stilettos. So ladies, just another reason to feed the obsession, check out and my beautiful acquisition below.

Guess by Marciano
Wilonna Black multi-leather
peep-toe cut-out pump

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoe of the Week

Hello, my Bellas.

Hope your weekend was a great one.

Been doing a great deal of research for the blog to bring my Bellas the latest, or at least the latest to me, in shoe designers as well as our familiar favorites. Hope to be doing some interesting posts in the near future.

Anyhoo, here's my pick for shoe of the week. What do you think?

Ciao, me lover-lees!

Christian Dior
Caberet Mary Jane Pump
Neiman Marcus

Even though this is a shoe of the week post,
I just had to add this positively stunning bag
as a good "go with." I know it says Samourai, but
it looks sort of Victorian Gothic to me. Whatever
the case, I'm loving it.

Christian Dior
Samourai 1947
Knot Frame Bag
Neiman Marcus

Friday, July 11, 2008

It's a Colorful Life...

Original artwork by Me

As an artist, color has always been a big part of my life and my art. One of the things I enjoyed most about making art was experimenting with color, shape, form, and texture.

So I thought I'd take an artistic approach to today's post. My canvas is the little black dress. My palette consists of the dollups of color that can be added with a colorful shoe, the rich hue of a handbag, or the intricacy of an embellishment.

Enjoy, my darlings.

My rendition of the little black dress

Bally Zarene Pump

Guiseppe Zanotti
Ikat Pump
Neiman Marcus

Guiseppe Zanotti
crocodile pump
Neiman Marcus

Emilio Pucci
Satin Pump
Neiman Marcus

Isis Hobo
Neiman Marcus

Carlos Falchi
Matte Python Clutch
Neiman Marcus

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The "T's" have it!

In case you haven't noticed, the T-strap has made a much welcomed comeback to the world of fashion shoedom. The shoe's design is slimming to those whose feet are of the wider dimension (like mine) and leads the eye up the leg for longer, sleaker look. Whether open-toed or closed-in pump, the T-strap is a winner for both Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter.

Enjoy these lovely little ditties of the "T" persuasion.

Cole Haan
Darianna T-strap sandal

Donald Pliner
Nessa Pewter T-Strap
Jildor Shoes

T-Strap stacked heel
Go Jane

Guiseppe Zanotti
patent leather T-strap
Neiman Marcus

Miu Miu
Satin T-Strap sandal
Neiman Marcus

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Photo courtesy of Dressed Up Like a Lady

In honor of the resurgence of 60's mod, I decided to do a little research into this retro phenomenon.

Webster's dictionary defines mod as 1) very modern in style, dress, etc.; 2)of or pertaining to a style of dress of the 1960's, typified by miniskirts, bell-bottom trousers, and boots; 3)a person who is very modern in style, dress, etc.

Today, I want to concentrate on definition #3.

The pervasive philosophy goes something like this: "The clothes make the man." I've always had a problem with this statement because when I see clothing off of the human body, I think of the body that would look good in said outfit.

Clothing without someone wearing it is lifeless. It hangs on the rack, waiting to be infused by a vibrant personality, whether it be a professional corporate mogul, a colorful artist, a brilliant writer of the fashion persuasion (hint, hint), or even the waif like form of a 60's British fashion import.

So, for my shoe maven of the week, I decided to feature another member of the fashion blog-o-sphere, Cammila, from Dressed up like a Lady. What a befitting title for a blog that features the personal style of this millenium's representative of the "new mod." Think of 60's icon Twiggy, only with much better curves, a Marilyn Monroe sensibility, and what you have is a real woman with real style who looks real good.

The above photo is proof positive that Cammila is one Hot Mod Momma.

For more feasting, visit Dressed Up Like a Lady.

Photo courtesy of