Friday, June 27, 2008

Take Care, Mon Ami

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Hello my Bellas!

After careful consideration, I realized that I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the care of the beautiful fashion footwear I feature here on FA'SHOE'NISTA! There has been many a day that I have encountered women who walk on worn down heels. Oh the humanity! To this I say, ladies, pleeaase, take a few dollars, a little time out of your busy schedule, go to a reputable shoe shop and get the lifts replaced on your heels.

There is nothing more detrimental to your cute factor, or more importantly to your back and ankles, than a shoe that is leaning outward, or inward, or whatever the case may be. This is especially true with stilettos. And there is nothing more repulsive than the clickity-clack of the metal part of the heel hitting the floor or pavement, causing a nosey passer-by, such as myself, to look down a the rising, frayed material hovering over the bottom of the heel. My Lover-lees, we are already dealing with the 600lb elephant theory, we don't need the the additional pressure on our feet and legs.

Whether its discount knock-offs or the real McCoy (or Manolos, as it were), if you take care of your floor knockers, they will take care of your lovely little tootsies. I promise.

So ladies, at the slightest inkling of a leaning, worn down, or as it's called on the street, a run-over heel, and for the health of your feet, legs, and back, not to mention for the sake of a well pulled together ensemble, get those heels repaired!

Ciao, me Lover-lees!


Sharon Rose said...

Very sound advice, obviously it prolongs the life of the shoes too!!

Cheryl Lynn said...

So true, Sharon, and it's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. Now I know that having a good and reliable shoe repair shop is a definite necessity for any self-respecting shoe maven.