Monday, June 30, 2008

Strap me down (In a good way)

I love the strappy sandal. They're sexy, beautiful, and edgy all at once. These beauties that are featured today will pull any summer suit, sun dress, or capri pants outfit totally together.

Presenting, some of my favorite indulgences of summer...

Neutral Strappy Sandal
Camilla Skovgaard

Dolce & Gabbana
strappy grosgrain sandal
Neiman Marcus

Strappy Sandal
Neiman Marcus

Leatherette strappy heel
Go Jane

Strappy reptile razor heel
Go Jane

Strappy Snake Mirrored Platform
Go Jane


Danz said...

Love me some strappy shoes! The Prada and the first GoJane shoes are my favourites! Haha, I also love that you added "in a good way" to the title :D

Take care and enjoy your day tomorrow, Cheryl darling!

Cammila said...

You should probably know that showcasing these gorgeous shoes has officially sent me over the edge to buy a pair of strappy platforms. I just can't resist! And this site gojane is amazing! Perfect for gorgeous shoes that you might not want to invest a ton in, in case they turn out to be super-trendy. Not that I could afford the Prada ones anyway! ;) Thanks for spotlighting such a great store!

Nay'Chelle said...

Love the Prada shoes! Great choices.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Cammila: I think I'll probably join you over the edge of that cliff. Go Jane is calling me.

Nay'chelle: Those Pradas are pretty nifty, aren't they?

Lady Melbourne said...

I need those Camilla Skovgaard heels on my feet pronto!

Fashion Addict said...

ooh that red Dolce and Gabbana sandal is so hot! I would love a pair of those!

Sharon Rose said...

Nice picks, but i do love the black Pradas best!!

Francis Girard said...

Oh im heading back to OZ for a holiday in Aug and plan on wearing nothing but strappy numbers for 3 weeks... and in Oz I have a car so the height is no problem as there are no need for tubes and long walks.... yippeeee for higher standards of living. xf

Cheryl Lynn said...

Lady Melbourne: That's the reason I just had to feature her on my blog. Her "elegant cool" style is simply off the chain!

Fashion Addict: Those red numbers are exquisite, aren't they?!

Sharon Rose: It's hard to go wrong with Prada; that's why the devil wears them, they're so beautiful they seem wicked!

Francis Girard: I'm so happy for your trip. It's wonderful when you can make arrangements that don't interfere with your cute factor!

Thanks to all my Bellas for stopping by!

Psyche said...

Those Camilla Skovgaard shoes are foine! I love strappy shoes, but throw multiple buckles in there, and I am in shoe heaven.

Always In Style said...

Never met a strappy pump I didn't like! That first one is to die for!

Thank you for your kind comment :-)

thatgirl! said...

thanks for the lovely comment. I agree with everything you stated.

Love the first pair of shoes you showed! absolutely gorgeous.

Cheryl Lynn said...

always in style: Your welcome. The right strappy sandal can be a life changing experience:) LOL

that girl: Your welcome for the comment. Camilla Skovgaard is fastly becoming my new favorite designer. Have a great day.

Rich Hippie said...

that would be great!

emily said...

omg, i want them all on my feet. immediately.

Cheryl Lynn said...

emily: You are not alone in that!