Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ms. Dressup

Okay, in case you haven't noticed, I'm basically just a church girl at heart. For me, it not only gives me the strength I need one or two times a week to be in the community of the saints, praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Church also gives me numerous opportunities to dress up.

I know, I know, the trend now is come as you are, stay as you are. God doesn't care what you wear, its your heart that counts, right? Yes, this is true, God doesn't care as much about what's on the outside as what's on the inside, but I am of a different generation. I believe that if I could give my best to the clubs, and when I went out on dates with fellas, when I was club hopping, how much more should I give to the One who died to give me abundant and eternal life? I believe in giving God my best in every facet of my life, including the way I dress. Mind you, this doesn't mean being shallow, or merely concentrating on the outside appearance while treating people like garbage, or harboring unforgiveness in my heart. It simply means that my life has been dedicated to my Savior, this includes what I wear, what I eat, how I live, love, and treat my fellow human being.

Before I move on to the shoes, I just want to say to all my Bellas out there, thank you for being some of the most glamorous, trendy and unabashed sophisticates that I've encountered in a long time. In an age of sagging pants, belly tops (revealing waaayyy too much belly), and jeans cut so low as to give new meaning to the term "crack epidemic," it's refreshing to see young women with such style and flair. Your blog posts and comments on my blog have been such a great help to a fledgling fashion writer such as myself and I appreciate each and every one of you. Love and kisses forever.

That said, now that my nine-to-five is officially over (at least for the time being) I no longer have a daily occasion to dress up. So my post today showcases what is for me the ultimate dress me up for Sunday Service shoe. This lovely number by my new best friend, Giuseppe Zanotti, makes my eyes water with deep longing.

Enjoy, my Bellas. Until next time.

Giuseppe Zanotti
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Laurel said...

Hey youuuu! I hope you weekend was incredible, lover! I tagged you, :)



what is it about shoes that one feels they never fully have enough?? ♥

Always In Style said...

Very nice post!