Tuesday, June 3, 2008

LOOK OF THE WEEK: Fashionable Feet on the Horizon

Okay, my fellow shoemavens. I thought it time to grace you with my picks for Look of the Week.

I know the trend for summer is color, color, and more color, especially since the release of the fashion hyped Sex and the City movie, but for me, black remains the staple of every Fashionista.

Chloe and Chanel are on point with these surreal numbers.

Chanel's multi-buckled, black and silver quilted heel pump (Mary Jane on steroids)is wonderful with both bare legs or a great pair of tights. Chloe's patent leather sandal manages to add a dash of color (check out the heel) to spice things up. Follow the links for more info.

Chloe Patent Leather
Photo courtesy of Jildor

Chanel Pump
photo courtesy of www.chanel-shoes.com


Anonymous said...

Those are nice, but I don't think I would be able to walk in them!!

nv said...

i absolutely adore those chloes <3

Anonymous said...

Love the designers, hate the shoes...show me something a easier to walk in with a touch more elegance. Love the site!