Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, I know it’s three days away from the first day of summer, but as is customary, I am looking to the fall shoe designs for 2008. Why? Because I need something to do, it’s my last day on my J-O-B, I’m embarking on a new freelance career and I'm feeling positively giddy and scared at the same time.

So my little FA’SHOE’NISTAS, here are my finds for today’s post. Some are from Gucci’s fall collection of which I am extremely intrigued. The buckle, stud, phenomenon is raging with multi-straps and open weaves, even for the fall, when one would expect their little tootsies to be closed in (although there are the traditional boots for that). Many of the booties have gladiator tendencies which makes for an interesting mixture of style, strong design, and texture.

Just for a touch of variety, Gucci is joined by peers, BCBG and a feminine little pink number by Dolce & Gabbana (another open cage look).

I seem to be enamored with this style. It’s fierce and glamorous on or off the runways. Suits (skirts or pants), dresses tights, or no tights, this look is sure to be a versatile asset to any wardrobe. All that aside, the shoes rank high on FA’SHOE’NISTA’s Drool-o-meter!

So, ladies, take your pick. Who do you prefer? I’ll tell you who’s on my wish list if you tell me who’s on yours…

So scrumptuous I had to show it in two colors!

My Wish List...

Canary Yellow Satin and Gold Patent Snakeskin

Cambridge Moccasin
Neiman Marcus

Babouska Studded Sandal
Neiman Marcus

Oh, I'm feelin' kind of frisky with this number...

Gucci (Wish List II)
Marion Studded Sandal
Neiman Marcus

Here's a boot for good measure...

Devendra Fringe Bootie
Neiman Marcus

How about some variety?

Dolce and Gabbana
Cage Toe Pump
Neiman Marcus


Psyche said...

What an exciting change for you. I wish you all the best!

Those BCBG shoes are fabulous.

Nay'Chelle said...

ooh change is fun. Love the Gucci moccasin shoes.

Caroline said...

OHMYGOSHSHOES. no joke, those are all so beautiful.
and thank you SO much for your support. I really really appreciate it.
and yes! be sure to check back often. I will have some fun videos goin every once in awhile. tours and places to see along with lots of fashion.

Francis Girard said...

The Pink.....No The Pumps.....NOOOOO!!! I think my wish list includes them all. Can I do that?

Danz said...

Hey Cheryl! These are some YUMMY shoessss! They're all so hot! My favourite color combination now is yellow and grey so I think the first ones would be my faves! Although I wouldn't turn down any of the others if they came my way hehe. Hope you're well hun :)

Laurel said...

Missy miss Cheryl! How are you? Oh-my-yes-exciting! I'm so stoked for you to begin freelancing, that is incredibly awesome! I know you'll do fabulously.

These shoes, I must agree with Caroline - WANTwantwantwant. I love them all. My blogging-lovelies have gotten me so much more hooked on shoes, especially you! Those Babouska studded Gucci's are crazy hot. WOW.

I hope you're doing well, babe. Have a great day tomorrow, love.


Cheryl Lynn said...

I just have to thank all of my lover-lees of the fashion front. You all have helped me immensely with this blog and with ideas. An inspiring bunch, the lot of you.

Love and kisses to all my Bellas!

Jillian said...

it's so funny those guccis are the same shape as those black go jane gladiators a post above kinda of crazy!

i do love the gojane ones... i've wanted to buy from there but am hesitant because i never have... any advice?

Cheryl Lynn said...

I just learned about gojane recently, Jillian, so I don't know anything about or anyone who's purchased from them. See if they have a testimonial page. Women are pretty honest about their experiences with shopping online for shoes.