Friday, May 30, 2008

SATC FITTING FOR THE BIG SCREEN: Sex and the City Opens Today in Theatres

The girls are back in town. Arguably, the most talked about movie premier of the season, Sex and the City, The Movie, opens this weekend. So as a self-proclaimed fashionista who prides herself on being the world's 2nd fa'SHOE'nista (Imelda Marcos was clearly the first), I had to do a post on the elegant felines of New York City.

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While all the girls are great in their own right (although I must admit that Samantha is my "least" favorite for reasons that shall remain secret), Carrie is the queen that dons this century's royal style crown. Not saying that she's perfect, there have surely been some misses: the mile high hats are a little much for me, but the girl can carry a fedora to the outskirts of the universe. SUHMOKIIIN'! And while the spandex pants only accentuate Carrie aka Sarah Jessica Parker's propensity to resemble the profile of sheet of paper, her choice of feminine little dresses with matching coats and jackets is refreshingly girly to say the least.

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And the shoes! OOOHHHH the Shoes!

Oh, and let's not forget Mr. Big. My, my, my...

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To be honest, I didn't catch on to the frenzy until the seasons had ended and the show was well into syndication. I finally caught an episode one night when I was too lazy to pick up the remote and change the channel on my boob tube. So there she was, the woman I was striving to be: An actress making a living at what she loves, playing a writer making a living at what she loves, who's able to afford to buy the thing she loves the most. Shoes. Hence, my secret, guilty, passionate pleasure was born.

So, more than likely, and probably by my little lonesome, I will make the trek to see this glorious expose in excess. And I have no doubt, whether the critics give it acclaim or put it to shame, I will enjoy every Manolo freakin' minute of it.


mrskellamofcody said...

Did you get to see the movie? Her shoes are fantastic!! I just don't know about running around NYC in high heels. There is absolutely too much walking in NYC to be cute-up and down the stairs and ramps the subways and walking hundreds of city blocks! I've been there and each time I go, I make sure to bring the most comfortable shoes I can find and they are not a pair of high heels. Flat shoes are cute but there is just something wonderful about heels!

Francis Girard said...

im yet to see it, ive been too busy but im excited. you're right she is everything us bloggers want to be in real life - ah the dream of being paid to write and wear manolos....

Cheryl Lynn said...

So true, so true, francis.

But I must agree w/mrskellamofcody, I have yet during one of my many visits to run around New York in heels on that pavement. Maybe, if I can find a half-way comfortable pair of heels, I'll try it on my next visit (with my stash of flats in my big shoulder bag, just in case I falter).