Thursday, May 29, 2008

NEW DESIGNER KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Footwear News and Nine West sponsor SHOESTAR Designer Challenge

Okay, forget American Idol. I want to be these guys. Apparently, this wonderful contest called Shoestar just finished it's third round challenge. The shoe design event is sponsored by Nine West and boast such notable judges as Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Footwear News' Michael Atmore, and Nine West's Fred Allard. According to Michael Atmore, the aspiring designers were to mesh their designs with the "Badgley Mischka brand philosophy" of style. The winning student must design within the limitations of an already existent brand.

Panelists at the FN Shoestar challenge.
Courtesy of Footwear News

Well, how 'bout that? The 4th round challenge will entail designing a specific "celebrity-friendly" shoe for the red carpet in sample form, along with storyboard sketches. The shoe should accentuate a "simple black dress." I'll try to keep you posted of upcoming challenges. For more information, go to

Third round winning contestants:

Melissa Cordero
Photos courtesy of Footwear News

Melanie Maggio
Photos courtesy of Footwear News

Karen Hsieh
Photos courtesy of Footwear News

Ryan Baker
Courtesy of Footwear News

Who do you like best?


mrskellamofcody said...

I like the first designer as far as the designs go. However, if I were the one wearing them, I'd have to go with the last designer. They seem to be shoes that would fit my style and legs better. Have you ever thought of designing shoes?? You should have a go at it.

Cheryl Lynn said...

I've recently thought about it. I might do some sketches and a few markups over the summer just to see what I come up with.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Lucy said...

classy looking shoes