Monday, February 18, 2008


Rihanna in Zac Posen
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Thank you, Rihanna and Mary J.

Thank you so much for bringing glamour to hip hop. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and others like you who have finally realized how good a woman can look IN clothes.

The 2008 Grammys was a breath of fresh air. So glad the days of Lil' Kim and the Tony Braxton double-sided tape dress are gone. Young entertainers have finally come to realize that showing all the goods does NOT equal maturity.

An edgy elegance permeated the red carpet in the likes of Fergie, Faith Hill, and my personal favorite, Rihanna. There were some misses (what were you thinking, Bai Ling) but overall, the look was fun, funky, and fresh.

Rihanna performing with "The Time"
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Bai Ling
I'm sorry, I don't understand...

Have you seen Mary J. Blige on the cover of Jet? What a beautiful picture. Mary's sense of style should serve as an example to all young women who aspire to the world of entertainment as well as those who just want to look good while doing what they do. Impressive to say the least.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Have A Look

Springs coming, ladies, in spite of the snow and 500 degrees below zero temperatures.
Here are some floor knockers that will make a great addition to your cute factor...

I know these aren't open-toed, but this Anne Klein Pump is smokin'!

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Chinese Laundry Metallic

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Carlos Santana - absolutely Loooove these!