Sunday, January 27, 2008


Photo courtesy of Design Museum/London

As a young girl, I used to cut out pictures from fashion magazines and make these massive collages. I would hang them on my wall, look at them in the middle of the night and dream about wearing all of these beautiful clothes and shoes–oh the shoes!

Now, as an adult, my taste has become much more refined and my obsession much more focused. I live to meet Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo (both on my feet and in person). I can strike up a conversation with any perfect stranger and talk about shoes as though we were old friends from childhood.

I want this blog to be my window into the world of high end women’s shoes and the source of every woman’s dream of classy feet. I want it to be fun, funky, and functional.

This blog is for women who love on shoes without caring who knows it. Yes, we can talk about shoes all day and night and would fly to the ends of the earth for that perfect pair of footwear!

Release your inner Imelda--FA’SHOE’NISTAS! Unite!

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